Visit with the Tigers

We took Tuesday and visited the tigers at the tiger refuge in Tyler Texas.  This is a place where they save and rescue large cats from mistreatment from owners that learned that they grow up.  The trip was a very hot day and the cats were basking in the hot sun and reserving energy by taking a nap.  So they were not very active. 😦

The cats are very majestic and very beautiful to observe.  It is still sad that they are in captivity but some would not survive if they were not at the refuge.  It was a great trip and really loved spending time with my family.

We then took them to a neat store that is called Fresh.  It was a great big store and the girls really enjoyed the gelato that they sell in the store.  Sandy got her tacos and hummus. We also bought some fresh flounder and red drum.  Wow the fish was fantastic, we grilled the flounder 2 ways, one was marinated and the other was rubbed with my fantastic rub.  We deep fried the red drum and made a tarter sauce with sweet hot pickles.  That was a great dinner!


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