A Tribute to a Father



The best example that I have for what a “father” should be is my own.  I see the size and scope of his love for people and his children.  He truly cares about our welfare and handles it in such a way that you will always be learning from his actions and his non actions.  He loves even if you don’t do what you should and does not condemn but will tell the hard truth.  I see that he has raised 4 boys that are productive citizens in society that are not a burden on the system but help the community in which each lives.  He has allowed numerous guest into the house with out a second thought.  What a generous heart he has.  He has shown me how to always give and always contribute to the family.  He thinks he has a tough outer skin but in reality he is a big teddy bear.   Thank you for being my father and teaching all the easy and hard lessons all fathers must teach their children.  I am so thankful that you are my father and friend and I love you with all my heart.  Cant wait to see you both in October.  The days will be to slow till then and then to fast when we are together.  I love you and miss spending time with you!



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