Why Run a Home Based Business?


(Family, Income, Tax, Time, Entrepreneurship, Residual Income)

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One truism that I have always found when talking with other people is that in all are hearts is the desire to spend more time with family.  Back in the day most families spent most of their time together working on providing for the family needs.  The family was much closer located back then as compared to today’s world.  The family unit was extended in the same geographical located area.  Today we are spread thousands of miles apart and the time to connect is limited.  One of the main motivation for finding a home based business is to allow more time spent with your family.  Home based business (HBB) has so much more flexibility than working a traditional business.  You can work the HBB any where that you and your family are located as opposed to the traditional one that you must be at the location and physically operating the business.  With a traditional business you must either open more hours or sell more types of products to increase your over all sales.  You could open more locations but this will then involve more employees and more hours from you to ensure the business is running well.  All of this is to make the point that with an increasing traditional business you will end up losing more time with your precious family!


One of the great advantages is that you can start a HBB without leaving your current situation which allows you to continue your income source from your traditional job until your HBB is up and running and generating income.  You get to be in the driver seat when it comes to the decision whether to continue working your job and your HBB or leaving your job based on the success of the business.  The main benefit to the HBB compared to the job is that in a job you are trading hours for pay.  If you are paid by the hour you would have to work more hours to get more income.  There is only 24 hours per day and no one I know can work all 24 every day!  The HBB in marketing will allow you to help others achieve their dreams and this will help you to achieve yours.  The more people who you help will help increase your income working the same amount of time.  The income in a HBB can be unlimited where in the job it is based on the amount of hours you can physically work.


The tax advantages of running a HBB is great!  You can deduct expenses from the business and reduce the amount of income you are taxed on.  With you job income you will pay the taxes before you even get your paycheck.  The deductions for having a job are limited as opposed to the HBB are all expenses that you have for operating the business can be deducted.  These deductions include things like your home used for the business, travel expenses for the business, and all related expenses for the operation of your HBB.  Please consult a tax expert before making any deductions.


Time for all of us is limited.  You can not buy more, trade for more, or steal more.  We all have the same 24 hours per day.  What the HBB can do for you is give more time back to you.  You can choose how to use it as compared being told what to do with your time in a job.  Look for time in how you are currently using it.  Find a great HBB and start taking your time back!


one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods”  We have all desired to be in charge of our own life.  We understand that in this great country we have the option to become an employee or a business owner.  You could also be both!  The desire to be your own boss is exciting and can be an adventure in its self.  Who will you blame if the work is not done but yourself.  One key behavior to any successful entrepreneur is that they NEVER give up.  They will not let obstacles stop them.  They will seek a new way to get the desired result they are seeking.

Residual Income

Residual income is income that will continue after you have done some work or activity in the past.  With a job there is NO residual income to be made.  If you are not punched in you are making no income.  With a HBB you will be helping others achieve their goal and desires.  With in this process you will continue to make income based on your work with others.  Continue to do this enough times and your residual income will exceed your active income.  This is a key attribute to running a HBB!

What to look for in a home based business

A HBB choice is a personal choice.  The reason one chooses a HBB is based on a few very important key areas based on some personal beliefs as well as some business concerns.

You should look for a business you can believe in and feel passionate about.  If you are not 100% sold in the business your customers will be able to pick up on this.

The business should be a product based business that helps solve a need in someone’s life.  The product should be used by you and it should be able to cover a different many needs in people’s life’s.

The entry-level for starting the business should be below $1000.00.  Most traditional business cost many times that amount to get started and you have NO guarantees that any business will be a success.

When choosing the HBB look at how many people are actually making any income from the business and how long will it take you to get into the “black” in the business.  In other words when will you make you up front investment back.

Look for a support system in the business from the company and others in the business.

Review the backing of the HBB from other business that have a proven track record.  Is the business on its own or supported?

Take the time to review the HBB before getting involved.  Verify the process from a business view and not from an emotional or hyped view.  Can you test run the product before you get involved?  This is critical to see if you like and use the product.  It would be very hard to sell what you don not use or believe in.

I am involved in a great HBB business that I would like to share with you that meets all these requirements plus many more.  The information can be located at the following web site and is great for helping a major issue this country is facing today, obesity and the recession.  This is a fantastic opportunity and would love it if you would take a look at it and sign my guest book so that I know you visited me!



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